Skaneateles hires second constable for boat launch security

The town of Skaneateles will employ two peace officers starting this year.

The Town Board voted to appoint Charles Augello as its second town constable at its May 1 meeting.

Augello will provide extra security at the state boat launch off of Route 41A during the busiest boating days of the summer. He will also serve as a backup to constable to Tom Adessa, who provides security for town court on Wednesday evenings.

In the past, the town boat launch has had two town employees on duty during busy times: one near the road and one near the water. Starting last year, the Skaneateles Lake Association also had a “steward” stationed at the launch to check incoming boats for any plant life, in hopes of preventing the spread of invasive species like Eurasian milfoil or hydrilla.

Sennett said that the town will still have a person by the road and will have the constable patrol the parking lot and launch area to help deal with potential issues when the area gets congested on busy days.

“As you can well imagine the boat launch can get very busy in the nice weather and there were some situations [in the past] where it would have been helpful to have a constable present,” Sennett told the board.

The lake association will still have a steward present and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has also been working with the town on the new arrangement, Sennett said.

Augello came highly recommended by Adessa. He is a captain with the Auburn Police Department and has 41 years experience as a police officer, Adessa said.

“I can’t think of a better candidate for the town, I think he will bring that wealth of experience and a lot of people skills to the position,” he said.

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CSPC 1 year, 9 months ago

Spending money at an alarming pace. First created new Zoning Office job for Dennis Dunden and now hiring constables and Fran Lawlor to do a tree inventory and an Architectural firm to do an assessment which was already done by Andy Ramsgard?? I plead with the board to exercise constraint on the spending as you are only in your fifth month and you have created three new jobs and are spending money at an alarming pace (camera systems, hired a consultant to "revamp" a perfectly fine webpage, waiving rental fees, paying the Town Engineer for evaluations which have been done already...)


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