LETTER: Town should build a new hall at 57 Fennell St.

To the editor:

I strongly encourage the Skaneateles Town Board to build a new town hall at 57 Fennell St. The town owns the land; there is adequate space for the structure and to add on at later time if necessary, as well as sufficient room for parking. The location is good and you can be sure that no unknown problems exist.

Above all, you will know that “the space fits the need” rather than attempting to make “the need fits the space.” The latter is a misguided approach, rather than seeking quality results for the money spent.

The Village Board can state all of the virtues of their imagination that they care to, in regard to the justification of remodeling their present home. When I walk by the village hall all I still see is an old outdated firehouse.

Francis Murphy


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CSPC 1 year, 9 months ago

Can we stop this madness. Why on earth do we want to go and spend money on a new Town Hall. Current Town Hall is not accessible to handicap persons on the second floor only. The first floor is handicap accessible. Spending money we don't have is not smart. A business would not do this if there was not a return. If I had known the new board members and Supervisor were planning this as their major goal I would not have voted for them. Never was discussed.


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