LETTER: Good to see town and village officials willing to work together

To the editor:

Many thanks to Skaneateles Village Mayor Hubbard and the village trustees for offering the possibility of relocation of Skaneateles town offices to the unused part of the village office building. It’s nice to see cooperation between both boards for the benefit of our entire community.

On the face of it, it seems like a no-brainer and it may well be. The town offices are undeniably inadequate at present and in some respects far from meeting state standards for municipal facilities. They have to do something soon and renovation of their current space is both physically and financially impractical. Why not consolidate and in the long run save money?

A couple of well-regarded former public servants have raised several issues which will need thorough investigation. The current town board seems perfectly capable of researching all aspects of such a project and arriving at a proper conclusion. Having the architect who shepherded the village renovation to a spectacular finish and a farmer who knows a lot about maintenance of buildings (he has a few to look after) bodes well for proper consideration of all matters- structural, space, finances, etc. It won’t be easy but we can be confident that these folks will come to a proper conclusion.

It’s great to have them all working for us. What a fine place to live!

Steve White


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if 1 year, 9 months ago

Yes great to see some cooperation between Village and Town. And yes I also support a consolidation of these two governments. Imagine the savings on attorney fees. We would go from 6 attorney's to 3. One water department, one dpw department, one manager, imagine. No need to look far to see consolidation happening successfully - look at our School Board who effectively and with wisdom chose to share in a Business Manager with Weedsport after Dale Bates retired. This new Business Manager is impressive as I heard him speak at a recent School Board meeting. So it is my hope we can move towards one community government to be more cost effective, efficient and customer focused.


BoheaTea 1 year, 9 months ago

New Village Hall, designed by Architect Connie Brace and embraced by former Village Board member Mary Sennet, is not ADA compliant. I continue to read major reason for Town Hall to move is current Town Hall is not ADA compliant or handicap accessible. How is the fact that the new Village Hall was not constructed to be compliant with ADA (no push button auto door opener for folks in wheelchairs, bathrooms not compliant) and no reporters ask why????????


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