LETTER: What the town needs to consider about town hall move

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Supervisor Mary Sennett’s request for input into the issue of moving the town government’s business facilities into the truck bays of the old firehouse. I agree that consolidation is a good thing if done in a way that each municipality benefits, and it is planned for previously.

It seems that the mood of some people is that we have a great offer, how can we justify the move?

I would take a different approach. There are good reasons why we should accept the offer but also good reasons why we should not. We should set aside emotions and look at this objectively.

What did the study conducted prior to moving the fire station reveal? Is the building, including the west wall and the ground underneath, stable enough for the long term?

What current infrastructure exists underneath the truck bays?

Does the offer include additional property needed for reasonable expansion?

Is there enough room for town offices, larger meeting rooms and a possibly required expanded court facility?

Will a record storage area currently located in the town hall basement be included?

Would the project remove parking spaces from the downtown area?

Would this project increase traffic in an already congested area?

What does the comprehensive plan committee feel about the project?

Is this the proper location for this type of project?

Is there an alternative or better use for the truck bay area?

Is the current town hall building sufficient for our current and future use?

Would the town be required to fund maintenance cost of the building, parking lot, and landscaping located on the village portion of the property?

Most importantly, does this make good fiscal sense?

What will be the cost of renovation and possible addition?

How much funding beyond the sale of the current town hall building will be required?

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if 1 year, 10 months ago

Former Town Board member Rick Keyes met with Mayor Hubbard in 2009 when the Village announced the idea of renovating the old fire hall. Rick asked Mayor Hubbard to put together a committee of Village and Town Board Members to look at moving the Town and Village into the building.

Mayor Hubbard rejected the request. He did not discuss with Village Board in open session, did not ask Village Board members to voice an opinion, did not call then Supervisor Roney to discuss.

So Dave you are correct it would have made sense for the Town and Village to move in together but what you did not know is that Mayor Hubbard did not want to at the time. Now he wants to. Wouldn't you think a reporter would ask him why?


BoheaTea 1 year, 10 months ago

It is my hope that the Town and Village governments merge into one and then sell the old Town Hall and have one government in the old fire station.


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