LETTER: Sennett as supervisor could be a conflict of interests

To the editor:

Your selection in selecting the town of Skaneateles supervisor on Nov. 5 is of upmost importance this year.

Of real concern in considering a choice of a candidate to support as town supervisor is to bring to mind the fact that the town and village negotiate several contracts with each other on a regular schedule. Among the contracts are water rates, sewage rates and usage and fire protection.

In addition to contract negotiations, issues often arise such as water reservoirs and water treatment expenses that are sometimes shared on a negotiated basis. Proposals for annexation of town land to the village, etc. Both governments must, and should, have their individual interests protected.

Jim Greenfield is a town resident and Mary Sennett is a village resident. Mary Sennett is also a village board member. She is a wonderful lady and I have no doubt that her intentions would be of the highest principal. However, her serving on the village board is somewhat troubling. It leads one to question where that person’s loyalty be guided during the serious issues of negotiations that must take place between the two governments. Being realistic, mindset doesn’t often allow the flexibility to flip-flop your loyalty from one to the other.

I’m confident that the village mayor would find it comforting to have a member of the board become the head of the town government. Please give this thought and your consideration.

Francis W. Murphy


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if 2 years, 3 months ago

Francis politely states what many of us know. The Village Mayor is orchestrating the campaign for Town Supervisor. To have a Town Supervisor willing to abide by the Mayors request to pull the Town Highway personnel off of Town roads to help the Village clear 2 or 3 feet of snow off of main street because the Mayor eliminated workers ( Pat Feeney and Dave Bean) and kept a $158,000/year manager who does not help with clearing snow is of the utmost importance to Mayor Hubbard. The truth is Marty has been behind the scenes encouraging Mary and Connie to run. Do you know that Marty chose Connie as the architect for the Village Hall over the low bidder - Andy Ramsguard? Are the dots starting to connect for you? Do you see the puppeteer at work?


CSPC 2 years, 3 months ago

How can the Village legally not take the low bidder on taxpayer funded work? Assuming it is illegal to do so, I doubt Mike Byrne would allow the Village to do something illegal. He has been Village Attorney for more than 20 years and he knows the law.

More to the point, if this was a problem I am sure the reporters would be asking questions and looking into this. Since the papers are not looking into this it must mean there is no wrong doing.


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