Former Skaneateles football player investigated for rap song

A former Skaneateles High School football player was under investigation this week for releasing a rap song with threatening lyrics.

Koree Reed, of Baldwinsville, released a rap song on the website Soundcloud which made violent remarks toward people involved in the 2011 recruiting scandal that forced the team to end its season early.

After receiving complaints about the violent nature of the song, the Skaneateles Police Department launched an investigation into Reed with cooperation from the State Police, Skaneateles Police Chief Lloyd Perkins said.

Perkins could not comment on the investigation, but said on Jan. 30 that they were wrapping things up and that it would be up to the District Attorney whether Reed would be charged with anything.

Reed posted the song called “The Truth” to Soundcloud on Jan. 22 after posting a status announcing the song on his Facebook page, which is public.

The status read: “47.5 likes and ill drop ‘The Truth’ about Skaneateles tonight around five thirty be warned if you can't handle the truth please don't listen... Explicit content is defiantly used I'm only sharing it once so it won't be all over ya news feed idc who hears this :) itl be public until tomorrow night so download fast (sic).”

The song included lyrics that seemed to threaten people involved with the recruiting investigation in 2011. It included lines such as “too bad I’ve got to take your life” and “make you swallow my gun tell me how the barrel tastes.” Reed also denies being recruited to play for Skaneateles in the song.

The investigation in 2011 cleared Reed and his teammates of any recruiting allegations. The investigation did lead to the team, which was undefeated and in the section III playoffs at the time, ending its season early followed by Coach Tim Green resigning.

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