Concerned about Victory Sports complex

To the editor:

I’m writing this letter today to express not only my concern over the Victory Sports Complex proposal but also my confusion. I would love to know how this proposal became an issue at all.

I understand that from the beginning the proposed plan was never clear and excluded the facts about its planned size and scope. Okay, but what about the zoning laws? Those seem to be black and white, at least they have been in the past. Three of the major employers in this town were turned down for zoning variances of the same nature. Welch Allyn and Honeywell were both denied the use of lighting above 20 feet (which is the height limit for lighting according to the zoning plan) and they are not even close to the village. Chase Design was denied an expansion of their already existing building because of sewage issues. They had to expand into another building in the town.

So what is it about VSM that is above these businesses and considered for variances when it is in the Village’s back yard? Years ago a strip mall was proposed and turned down. I think we can all agree that was a good call. Now here we are looking at a complex that is four times the size of the Waterloo Outlet Mall. Yes, four times! It’s threatening to cause all kinds of problems like sewage runoff into the lake, unbelievable traffic congestion, massive water and electrical usage and so on. Not to mention it will decrease the value and quality of living for those in the adjoining neighborhoods.

How is this okay? If you’re not empathetic to those in close proximity to this proposed complex then think about the negative impact it will have on the town and village. The traffic, both cars and boats, will be horrific. Think about all the stuff that will come in on the boats alone. Didn’t this town just spend thousands of dollars trying to eradicate the milfoil? What will we have to clean up now? I would just love to know why and how this massive complex that is clearly way too large for our infrastructure got this far in the planning process. It makes you wonder.

Carrie Hall

East Lake Road

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