Victory Sports complex will benefit community

To the editor:

Every time I open the paper I read a negative letter about the future site of Victory Sports Medicine. I am a student at Skaneateles High School and feel the need to share how this campus will be beneficial to the children of Skaneateles. This campus will help the community grow closer as a whole. The adults will have the opportunity to bike and walk the nature trial as their children practice or play on the athletic fields. Families can also cross county ski in the winter on the three-mile trial.

As a high school athlete, I see the immediate need for more athletic fields, which this campus can provide. In the fall, girls JV and varsity soccer, boys JV and varsity soccer and JV and varsity football all have to share two fields (the turf and lower level) between the six teams for practices and games. This often creates late practice times for the student athletes. When the campus is built there will be plenty of fields for each sport and team.

Currently, the proposed building site is unattractive. It is an overgrown gravel lot with scrub brush, and weeds. If anything, the campus will help beautify this area of Skaneateles. This will happen with the construction of the new building, groomed fields and landscaping. The Victory Sports Medicine campus will benefit the future generations by stimulating our local economy. This project will help decrease taxes, as well as, provide jobs. The economy starts at home. We should look at the long-term effects that this project will have on the future of Skaneateles, the future of the children and the opportunities this complex will provide all of us. Skaneateles is very lucky to have this opportunity in our community.



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