It’s a lot more than just a game

Just as my activities last week had me thinking about the climate, this week I was thinking about sports.

Sometime between watching the Syracuse Orange lose their chance at being ranked number one, writing a story about girls hockey, checking NHL stats online to see if Thomas Vanek still leads the league in points (he’s awesome) and watching the Super Bowl, I realized that sports practically run my life.

Like how most people often plan their day around their work schedule and eating meals, I try and plan my days around getting to see a game. While that may sound like a cult-like obsession, I know plenty of people who are more obsessed than I am.

It is pretty undeniable that sports are everywhere in our society.

It’s basically impossible to go for a drive or turn on your TV without seeing some mention of sports. Sports coverage, memorabilia, and game tickets are all huge economic generators for our country. Going to games, talking about games and watching games on TV all serve huge social functions. Sometimes, sports can even bring a community together as one. And don’t forget playing sports is a great way to stay fit, make friends and can build character.

Detractors always bring out the “it’s just a silly game” argument whenever puzzled by how emotional and intense some sports fans can get. While I can understand that watching pro football for hours on end isn’t for everyone, sports are a lot more than just a silly game.

Sports aren’t just one of the biggest parts of our modern popular culture, they are an undeniable part of our lifestyle.

Now that I’ve put that all into perspective, I don’t feel so weird about hitting up the blogs to see what the pundits are saying about the NFL draft.

Joe Genco is the editor of the Skaneateles Press. He can be reached at editor@skaneatelespress.com.

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