Proposed athletic field lights should be opposed

To the editor:

On Nov. 13 the Skaneateles Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a hearing regarding lighting for the proposed sports and medical project slated for an area just east of the village line.

The developer has requested a variance to install 17 90-foot towers to light 13 outdoor athletic fields. Current code allows only 20 foot height for such lighting. The developers state that these lights will be operating seven days a week until 11 p.m.

Even with current technology in effect, these lights will be visible throughout the eastern portion of the village and town, and impact our eastern gateway. These lights will attract bugs, and therefore, birds to the site for a significant portion of every day that the facility is open. This will have an enormous environmental effect on the neighbors in the area and also on Skaneateles Lake. No procedure has been offered to avoid the run-off of bird droppings which will end up in the lake watershed.

Just imagine having approximately 350,000 watts (the developer’s number) shining near your home till eleven every evening. None of this seems reasonable to ask of our eastern neighbors or the viability of our lake. If you agree please let the Zoning Board of Appeals know by letter before their next meeting on Nov. 13.



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