No 90-foot light poles at proposed sports complex


To the editor:

The proposed Victory Sports Medicine Complex has submitted a request for a lighting variance for a 99 acre sports campus which includes 171,000 square feet of medical and recreational space. The problems associated with lighting at heights between 20 and 90 feet were established and known to the developer when the land was purchased. The denial of lighting above 20 feet is a problem for this mega sports/medical complex but it is a problem of their own making. The code existed before the purchase of the property and for good reason is in place. Allowing for lighting within the Skaneateles community’s very acceptable guidelines, the present code, will allow installation of numerous parking lot lights at 20 foot as well as walkway lights at 3 foot in height.

The lighting expert representing the Developer’s interest stated at the Zoning Board of Appeals hearing that the proposed lighting plan called for more than 235 units of 1500 watts each. This would represent a proposed light output of more than 350,000 watts. These lights would be distributed among the 17 proposed lighting poles at 70 to 90 feet.

We have to assert that in our opinion placing 350,000 watts of light on 17 foot poles 70-to-90 feet high is a major variance and will, in our opinion, have a significant negative effect on the surrounding neighbors including the immediate neighbors and the community at large.

While the variance is only for the height of the poles, these high poles are required to light the many proposed fields, and with wattage of 350,000 watts are, as a result, the direct controlling feature for the implementation and of this lighting project. The variance for the height of the poles, because there is no limiting code on number of watts allowed per acre, is the Skaneateles Community’s only avenue to challenge the magnitude of light used in this way.

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