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As an absolutely stunning summer comes to a close and the local population begins to decrease to more usual levels for this time of year, your local Emergency Medical Services provider (Skaneateles Ambulance Volunteer Emergency Services, Inc.) would like to share some news of our service in the communities which we serve.

It was a relatively average summer in terms of call volume and activity. As can be imagined, the call volume for services we provide can be extremely volatile in terms of predicting that volume. However, over the years we have made significant strides in maintaining just the right level of service to Skaneateles and the surrounding communities.

That of course can fluctuate and, at times, needs a certain level of adjustment. For example, a higher-than-expected influx of people into our community increases the likelihood of potential medical emergencies. This can be for a multitude of reasons, such as the many different events and cultural activities throughout the towns and villages we serve.

Through the middle of October 2012, we have answered a total of 747 requests for service of varying emergencies. This represents an increase of 33 calls from the same time last year. Likewise, we continue to be an advocate and leader of CPR education serving many individuals as well as several community groups throughout the area. This past year alone we have taught 100 individuals CPR and combined CPR/First Aid to 60. This is due in large part to the commitment of our staff and volunteers, of which eight new members were newly certified by the American Heart Association to provide this instruction this past year.

With continuing increase of call volume as well as services provided to the public, we are continually challenged with the rising cost of doing business. It is our hope that with increased demand together with rising unfunded mandates, we will be able to continue to serve the public in the way it has come to expect. However, it is imperative that the community help us so we can continue to help you.

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