Town board should use common sense on YMCA issue


To the editor:

The open letter to the community from the Allyn Family that was in the Press makes good sense to us.

Anyone who has lived in the community for 40, 50 or more years knows that W.G. Allyn would not want this conflict to go on. Without him and his family there would not be a community center as we know it (the envy of most communities).

Certainly he did not give the money for equipment so that it could be sold or rented. He gave it for it to be used for a purpose and decisions made in a practical manner.

We suggest that the town board use some common sense and that the members of the community let their voices be heard.



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if 3 years, 3 months ago

The Town Board must follow the law. Once a tax deductible donation is made to any entity the donor no longer controls the money or the property purchased with the money. Surplus government property has to be auctioned off to highest bidding party and the process must be transparent so as to prevent corruption and illegal acts by our elected officials. Your elected officials take an oath of office and are subject to criminal prosecution for knowingly violating the laws of New York State. I did not know WG Allyn but from what I have read and heard he would support the Town Board in keeping with the laws and doing things the right and legal way. I doubt he would ask Terry Roney to put herself in legal jeopardy.


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