Raising money feels good


The St. Baldrick’s fundraising event this past Sunday, March 18, at which participants raise money and then shave their heads as a show of support and solidarity for children battling cancer was an amazing show of community support and an incredible thing to experience.

The event co-chairs David Plogman and Georgia Yokum did a fantastic job making the event happen and generating massive publicity that led to an equally gigantic turnout. More than 100 people showed up to support the fundraiser and more than 70 people actually stepped up to raise money and get their heads shaved.

Being that this was the first time a St. Baldrick’s event had been held in Skaneateles, Plogman and Yokum did not know what to expect for community participation. They hoped to raise about $3,000 for cancer treatment and research, and even that, they feared, might be too high a number.

It turns out they raised more like $25,000.

To see the people who came Sunday — the men and women; the children, teens, adults and elderly — and to witness the compassion, the joy and the enthusiasm with which everyone jumped in to the event in order to make the world just a little better of a place, is truly inspiring.

And to hear the stories first-hand from the parents of the children battling cancer, to meet the children themselves and see their bravery and strength, makes one stop and think about their lives, stop and think about what you’re doing and where you’re going, think how good you may have it in life compared to others, and feel as though it is important to share your good fortune and maybe give back to the community in some way.

As spring and summer come along now, more community events and fundraisers for various causes will come along as well, as they do every year. Let’s all remember to participate and contribute to our community as much as we can, for our neighbors and for ourselves.

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