A Christmas miracle


Just in time for the holidays, the town board and the Skaneateles Recreational Charitable Trust have reached an agreement to end their two-year dispute over ownership of YMCA assets.

What a wonderful Christmas gift to the residents of the town, who have been watching the issue and its various phases — often with curiosity, sometimes with frustration and occasionally with incredulity — to see how this would be resolved.

This certainly took much longer than necessary, and the entire dispute was, in fact, unnecessary, but the solution is, in our opinion, a reasonable one.

Both sides gave something to the other: the town gave up ownership of certain assets and did it in a legally-defensible way, the SRCT gave up assets and a monetary amount. Everybody gave, everybody got. Let’s not quibble over who gave or got more.

Town residents also received benefits from the deal in the form of free access to the YMCA once a month for more than a year beginning in February. (We see this as a benefit to the YMCA as well, because many people utilizing the free access will undoubtedly enjoy the experience so much they will become paying members.)

This entire episode was, certainly, an ugly situation. Spines bristled, tempers flared, insults even were used. When two sides to an argument both believe they stand on principle, it is inevitable to cause frustration somewhere.

But now the argument is over. Let us allow the holidays and the upcoming new year to soothe whatever bitterness may have been created over this issue. We are all still neighbors, and, while we may disagree, we are all members of this wonderful community.

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