News from the Skaneateles Lake Association

Every member of the Skaneateles Lake Association is special because every member has committed to be a part of an organization of citizens concerned with Skaneateles Lake — maintaining it as a supply of pure water and keeping it clear for its beauty and the enjoyment of all who live on the lake and in the lake area and all who visit the area contributing to the village economy.

SLA membership does not come with an ID card, badge or pin. It comes only with the satisfaction that you have stepped up to the issues. The SLA wants the community to know about two very special members.

Erica and Ken Byrne ages 13 and 9 are the youngest members of the Skaneateles Lake Association and they worked hard to become members. Last year, when Erica and Ken found out that the Mottville Boat Race that they had always enjoyed was not going to be held, the siblings asked their mom if they could try to make it happen again. And did they ever do so.

The Mottville Boat Race is an event that is a step back in time. First organized by Stephanie Davis of Mottville, the race has been held in her memory for years. Over 200 wooden sail boats made by Mr. Holbein years ago are released into the Mottville Creek upstream of Mottville Village. The boats sail downstream to the finish line at the Mottville Bridge.

Adults and children can purchase a numbered boat for the day to put into the race. Just like the Race for the Lake held at the Skaneateles Country Club, every entrant in this race is a winner. They are all winners because the boat fees and raffle ticket fees collected in the Mottville Boat Race are donated to charities that Erica and Ken select.

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